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Nargis Naqvi

Director of Training

Nargis was born in Ireland, grew up in Saudi Arabia as a Pakistani Saudi and went to study in the US for her Business degree. She got married and after her first child moved to Toronto. Nargis has published several memoirs in the Milton library collection and a book titled: The Perfect Muslim Child. After 9/11 Nargis realized that as a minority who was targeted for other people’s acts one cannot sit idle and do nothing so she started to volunteer with Dawanet -who were busy brainstorming the idea of Muslim Fest – as their first Exhibits Coordinator.  In 2013 Nargis founded MY Voice Canada – a youth non profit organization led by teenagers who express themselves via writing, editing, designing, photography, illustration, stage plays and videos. Nargis currently serves as Sound Vision Canada’s Director of Training and lives in Milton with her husband, 3 kids in university and a rabbit.

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