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Abdul Ghafoor Chaudhry


Abdul Ghafoor Chaudhry was born on January 28th, 1935 in the Indian subcontinent. He obtained his first Masters degree in Social Work from Punjab University in 1962, and a second Masters degree in Social Work from Case Western University, Cleveland, Ohio in 1966. After working in the USA for a year and a half, he went back to Pakistan. He got immigration for the USA and Canada in 1969. He also got married the same year. The newly married couple arrived in Canada on June 7th,1970. He is a family man with three children and nine grandchildren, all of whom were born,raised,educated and married in Canada.

Abdul Ghafoor has worked in the child welfare sector for 27 years. Since retiring in 1997, he has been involved in voluntary work with some prominent Islamic organizations including MSA, ISNA, ICNA, ICNA Relief, IDRF, Islamic Relief, Halton Islamic Association, and three mainstream agencies, Community Development Halton, Oakville Community Foundation, and Art House. Abdul Ghafoor has been in Canada for the last 50 years. He claims to be a humanitarian. He is a socialĀ  activist and volunteers for many causes such as women and children rights, domestic violence, and elder abuse. His other claim is to be feminist for positive change. Presently he serves as the Director of Community Relations with DawaNet and the founding President of Sound Vision (SVC) Canada.

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